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pray for job
posted by: ketal patel on 1/23/2018

I am ketal patel from India.i given competitive exam of a senior clerk job in gujarat government in India on 21th January.And result are declare coming soon in next few days.so please pray for jesus give me a success in this exam and I will pass this exam with good score and I will be get this job in name of JESUS.
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Re: For Healing.
posted by: Nadeem on 1/21/2018

Dear Venerable Sir or Madam. I would like to request you pls remember my loving mother in your everyday payers, her good name is Mrs, Haleema Shaukat. Who is suffering cancer disease. She is in ICU. She is believer of Jesus Christ with her true faith. Being her son I make a deeply request all of you kindly pray for her good health, May the almighty Lord of God heal her by his loving son JESUS CHRIST. Also prayer for those who are facing any kinds of disease. God bless you. In Christ Your Brother, Nadeem.
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Praise Jesus ! You are faithful!
posted by: Doreen Jerauld on 1/18/2018

I thank you Lord Jesus for your saving grace and love. Thank you for showing me with your love and grace your desire to have us not to live in fear but to have a wonderful relationship with you. To always put you first in our lives and that even when we stumble you are always there to love and forgive. You are the only true God and there is no other name that saves! Thank you Jesus Christ, our savior. Amen
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Reunification between John and i
posted by: Jair on 1/13/2018

Please pray that God will be gracious, like the name John means, and will speedily bring him salvation, will rebuke Satan in his life immediately, will make him forget the hurts of his past, cynicism, and regret. Pray God will make his heart whole and loving again. Pray god will also make him value wholesome good things and not vain ones. Pray John will actually come to love and value me, I would never hurt him or mistreat him like the awful women he has loved before and that have made him so cynical. I have so much love for John despite his flaws. Please pray for me too. I’ve had a bad past year year. My mother died less than a year ago, two of my best friends moved away, and my cat died. In a little over a month my car died (had to buy a new one), then the only man I’ve ever loved (John) broke up with me, I had a short notice surgery 2 weeks ago too, and other financial issues have come up. I go to university full time and work almost full time. These are my urgent needs: pray for salvation for John, pray God forgives any sins, pray he reunites me with John (missing him is agonizing and breaking me heart) quickly in the easiest and sweetest way possible, pray God answers my prayers and ends this suffering! Pray god helps me understand his will because right now I don’t. I don’t know how to accept all the bad things that have happened to me, I don’t understand why godvwey clearly answered two prayers that put John in my life in the first place only to have ripped away from me. I don’t understand why my mother died and why I had to see her slowly die in a hospital for 3 months—even if her passing hurts less now and I know i’ll see her again, I still don’t understand why and what good it has done anyone. Losing John after all the heartbreak of my life also feels like torture. Losing the two people I loved the most in my whole life and who made me the most happy—how am I to accept that as God’s will? I don’t know how to accept it if his will doesn’t bring John back to me. I can’t keep losing everyone living thing I hold dear. I don’t want to be alone as I keep ending up. I have an ok job that gets me by, a nice car now, and possessions, that I’m greatful for, but all of my loved ones are far from me. People matter more to me than possessions. I want living things. I am asking—begging—for life. I’m begging for life for me and I’m begging for life for John. I’m not asking for vain, empty things, or material things. So why have my prayers not been answered? Instead every week one of more terrible things have happened to me for almost the past 7 weeks. I’m so young but I feel like Job. I’m devestated and am tired of crying every day. I feel like I’ve barely lived in the past year, aside for the time I was with John and was healing, I’ve spent most of the past year grieving. And with each added loss it’s getting so hard to bear.
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Love and Reconciliation
posted by: on 1/2/2018

I ask for your prayers that the Lord will intercede and reunite Tony and me in unconditional love. May He banish all of the evil and negativity that's been keeping us apart and help us to overcome our challenges. Please, may He take away the pain and insecurities in our hearts and replace them with love, joy and understanding. I beg that Tony and I begin to communicate this week and work things out.
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Financial Blessing,Peace in the midst of my storms
posted by: Ella on 12/17/2017

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors, Giving Praise, Honor,and Glory to our Heavenly Father. Please pray for me. There is chaos,more disappointment involving my closest family members. I asked myself, is it me? I have to admit that during this time of financial crisis, I've been struggling,depressed and expecting support from those whom I've helped take care of. They are unable ,and I do understand. I tell myself, I should have been smarter, I should have taken better care of me. It was said to Live and Learn! My mother,husband,sisters are all disappointed in me. I'm not having a pity party,just real tired. Please pray for Michael jr,David,Bettye,Kevin,and Michael Sr. Thank you all for your prayers and support. In the mighty name of Jesus Amen
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desperate need
posted by: David on 12/13/2017

I had been severely backslidden and am in a very anxiety and uncertain position. I ask for intercession that god will have mercy on me and provide me with answers and direction. In jesus name. Amen God bless you
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posted by: Marisol Hanaway on 12/6/2017

Dear Father Yahweh, please rescue, help, support, and provide for my family Marisol, Gabrielle, and myself Kevin Hanaway. Please empower, give favor, have mercy, and bless us during this crisis of health, well being, and financial disaster. Please help us maintain our faith, hope, and bathe us with love of your holy spirit. I ask for this divine support in Jesus Christ name. Thank you. Amen.
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Vision and health
posted by: Aaron Hylton on 12/1/2017

I am in great need of prayer for my vision and health. Have been to many dr even a surgeon specialist who all say my eyes check out fine which makes everything point to something neurological. I pray more than anything ever it is not. I have been having a terrible time with extremely bad afterimages light sensitivity spots and shadows that aren’t there flashing lights bad floaters repeatedly seeing objects after looking away lost some strength in my right eye flashes of black and colored spots even seeing lights and colors with my eyes closed. And so so much more. My eyes are also extremely painful and red all the time the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. I’ve also been having bad headaches strange pains and feelings dizziness confusion and so much more. I am honestly scared to death for my life it’s like living a nightmare every day. I KNOW my God can heal every single thing and I Pray more than I ever could for anything ever it is his will. Please my Precious Heavenly Father. Any and all Prayer is greatly greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you so much and God bless all. Aaron Hylton,Hardyville,KY
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posted by: Zohmingliani on 11/25/2017

I don't get sleep. I feel very tired and weak due to my sleeplessness. Its almost 2 years since i haven't slept properly. Pray fervently for me so that i can sleep.
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