Leadership is absolutely imperative in a church setting!  We believe and teach that leaders are to be Servant Leaders.  Leadership exists at Redemption Rock for the purpose of serving the church.  The leaders listed below have devoted themselves to be Servant Leaders to this body of people!

Unity -- The Joy of Right Relationships!

We firmly believe that our leadership team must be in Right Relationship with each other and with the people who make up our congregation!

How can we ever experience
joy if we cannot really, genuinely, be in right relationship with each other?  It's impossible!  A leadership team must always function in a relationship to each other that has as its evidence -- JoyWe can all talk about Unity and Joy but unity and joy are a direct result of our relationships to each other!

Our leadership team desires to function in a capacity that joy will flow from their relationship to each other and will be sensed in the entire church body!

Our leaders have made a commitment to lead according to these principles:

"You experience the joy of right relationships as you focus on what is right with others over what is wrong."

"You experience the joy of right relationships when your walk with the lord is growing stronger."

"You experience the joy of right relationships when you take time to talk to people rather than talk about them."

Redemption Rock is grateful for each of the following individuals that have made a sacrifice of their time to Serve the Church in a position of a Servant Leader.

  • Pastor Mike Pratt‚Äč
  • John DeTraglia
  • Barbara DeTraglia
  • Chris Detraglia
  • Tina Pratt
If you would like to contact the Leadership Team for any reason you can send an email to info@redemptionrock.net