I'm new

Attending a church for the first time can be intimidating.  “Will they accept me? I know very little about the Bible I think God exists, but I have my doubts.”  We get all that!  So, here are a few thoughts that might help break the ice.

At Redemption Rock, we are all on a journey.   As we travel this road called life most of us find this internal knowing that, “I have potential to be more!”   With that idea in focus we strive to create a come-as-you-are culture – a place where people are authentic and accepting.  We welcome each individual wherever they may find themselves on their journey. 

Being real about ourselves, our lives, and even our "junk" (let's face it, we've all got it!) is where it starts.  Not only do we strive for acceptance but we also desire Redemption Rock to be a place of growth for each person:  wherever 'here" is for you in your journey, we hope to walk along side of you to get "there" and beyond! 
So here's where all this is going:
God is for you !  In our world of job reviews, Monday morning quarterbacking, TV vote-to-win competitions, and talking heads, it's hard to believe that someone loves you simply because you're you.  But we find that until we grasp that God is for us (He is good, loves us, wants only the best for us…), we will be very prone to running and hiding, never feeling like we measure up. 

We get that in a world filled with evil, suffering, pain and abandonment it is hard to embrace a good God who is in control of life. Doubt is ok, and even welcome as an inevitable part of the journey with God.  Alfred, Lord Tennyson said it well, “There lives more faith in honest doubt… than in half creeds.”  While affirming what we do know, we will be honest about what we don’t.   

So, should you decide to give us a shot -- a warm welcome awaits you!  You most likely won't find a "perfect" church - and definitely no perfect people - but hopefully you'll find a place to grow.

Here are some FAQ:


What can I wear?

Clothes please : ) come as you are - be who you are!  (shorts, flip flops, jeans, business casual, ties, t-shirts – you’ll find it all!)

Times and location?


How long is the service?

Our Sunday service is 1 hour & 30 min.

What do you do?

A typical service will have some singing and music led by a band, some announcements and a greeting, giving an offering, relevant teaching from the Bible focused on Jesus, life and how to live life to the fullest.  Also random video clips and other media.

Where do I go?

Straight through the double doors that face the street. You'll find a lobby and auditorium.

What do you offer for my kids?

Your children and youth are welcome!  We offer age appropriate classes during the time that the message is being preached in the auditoruim.  Click here for more info.


Click here if you have more questions.