Chris DeTraglia, Worship Ministry Director
work: 508-432-8022

Originally from Syracuse New York, my family moved down to the Cape in 1997. I’ve spent my life growing up here on Cape Cod and loving all of it. I currently manage a landscape company in town, and am married to Ruth, whom I met while in Israel. We now have a little girl.

I’ve practically grew up in Redemption Rock and currently serve as Worship Leader on Sunday mornings. I was raised in a Christian family, and going to Church every Sunday has always been a normal part of life to me, but it would have been far less meaningful if I never came to know personally the God that I now love and serve. When I was only six or seven years old, I will never forget, I asked my mom about God, space, and life, and she told me all about Jesus. We prayed together, and from that day forward I’ve known a very real and tangible presence in my life. I’ve known Jesus all my days since then to be my closest companion and best friend. I’ve seen Him move in ways that cannot be doubted. The Bible has been an anchor to my life, and God’s Word has kept me on an amazing and redemptive journey upward through life.

            It wasn’t until recent years that I came to really understand the Gospel, “the Good News.” The good news is so much more than a prayer or commitment that will get me to heaven someday, the Good news is THE BEST NEWS, and that is that God loves us, and when we surrender our whole life to Him, He now owns it, and there is no offence, sorrow, trouble, temptation, worry, or anything else that ever has to own me again! My old life no longer exists because I have  been born a second time into God’s family, and I have a new identity from Him. God loves me, and wants to live His life through me all the time and everywhere I go and with everyone I meet. It’s so exciting to move in power and love! What an amazing destiny. I learned that God doesn’t want me to invite Him into my heart, but He wants me to surrender my 24/7 life to Him, and He gave me a NEW HEART, a heart that wants to please Him and see glory after glory.

            Serving at Redemption Rock is an honor, and there is nothing more that I love than seeing people set free from sin and self-living. Going to work every day and meeting people who don’t know God is exciting, because there is always an opportunity to see people discover their God-identity through the Holy Spirit in my life.
            God can transform your life, and if you come to Him, He will be your anchor. No circumstance, trial, or difficult situation ever has to affect you again to ruin your day or destroy your life, because you can be rooted and built on Jesus who is alive and powerful rather than on the things of this world that pass away. What Good News!