Pathfinders is the name of the volunteer ministry at Redemption Rock. Where there is no way, God makes one!  At Redemption Rock, the Pathfinders serve God and their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ so that God will be glorified!  It is God who calls us, equips us and sends us to serve.  Redemption Rock couldn't do what it does without the wonderful people who serve the many different needs at church. 

Are you interested in serving at Redemption Rock?  You can select your serving opportunity from the Pathfinders board in the cafe and then we will provide you with:
  • On-the-job training
  • A spiritual gifts survey to make the best use of your gifts
Serving is a great way to grow as a follower of Jesus and also to live out the Gospel of Jesus!

You can complete the Pathfinders application by clicking HERE.

You can also discover your spiritual gifts by taking an online spiritual gifts assessment HERE: Spiritual Gifts Assessment 

Contact Paula Rooney for more information.
Paula Rooney, Pathfinder Ministry Director