Thinking about joining a Group?

Life is not meant to be lived alone. In fact, God hates loneliness. You were created to experience life with other people, and that’s why at Redemption Rock we encourage you to get into a small group.

A small group is a group of three or more people who gather each week in a home, or workplace or even at the church.  In a group you’ll have opportunities to hang out, study the Bible, pray and just do what interests you.  The best part about groups is that you'll have an opportunity to meet people and get to know them.

Groups come in all shapes and sizes — married couples, singles, men, women, kids, no kids, workplace, under 20, over 40 — the list goes on. No matter where you are in life, there’s a group for you.

Ready to dive in? Find a group that fits you or start one of your own.


Maybe you're ready to start your own Group.  Click here for more information about starting your own Group at Redemption Rock.

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